Painless PWAs with Angular

Wednesday 18 September 2019

  • 09:30-17:30
  • etc.venues Avonmouth House, London

Progressive Web Apps are great, and Angular is a great way to build them! PWAs bring the advantages of native applications — like rapid launching, consistently fast performance, and the ability to work offline — to your web apps, without losing any of the things that make the web platform awesome in the first place (and you don't have to go through somebody else's app store to get them). Join Paul Spears, John Baur, and Bill Odom from Oasis Digital's Angular Boot Camp to learn how to bring the power of PWAs to your Angular applications.

Here's an overview of what we'll cover:

  • When and where PWAs make sense
  • What makes a web app a Progressive Web App?
  • Creating a PWA with Angular
  • Maintaining and updating an Angular PWA
  • Debugging an Angular PWA
  • Dealing with poor (or no) network connectivity
  • Making your PWA at home in the local OS
  • Keeping your PWA fast
  • Handy tools and resources
  • Where to go from here

We'll be building (and then breaking, and then fixing) real live Angular PWAs in this workshop, so be sure to bring your laptop with a working, up-to-date install of the Angular CLI, and be ready to write some code!

Paul Spears

Paul Spears

Lead curriculum author and Open Source maintainer, Angular Boot Camp
John Baur

John Baur

Software developer and technical lead at Oasis Digital
Bill Odom

Bill Odom

Developer, consultant, and trainer
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