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ag-Grid is the leading Javascript Data Grid in the market. We are a company built by developers for developers, and - true to our roots - we offer ag-Grid Free: an open-source project that delivers world-class grid performance. ag-Grid Enterprise is our commercially-licensed offering which has enjoyed widespread adoption and permits us to keep delivering on our mission.

Our story is proof that necessity is the mother of invention. During his time working in London-based financial institutions, Niall Crosby - founder and CEO - struggled to find any data grid component that could deliver the performance required in tandem with a complete feature list. This struggle ultimately led Niall to pull out the keyboard one Christmas holiday period and starting ag-Grid as a side project. This was then released as open source and quickly developed a following.

Today, ag-Grid is a self-funded, bootstrapped company with over 2,500 companies using ag-Grid, over 25% being Fortune-500 companies and now amassing over 500,000 downloads a month. Our product has resonated in the market - as our users face the same challenges Niall did - and this has been central to our rapid growth. And we’re not stopping here: we are furiously working on the next great features to continue our mission and 2019 will see charting integrated into the grid.

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Oh, hi

You’re actually reading this—cool! We’re Progress. We make software that developers love. We’ve heard that you’re a big fan of Angular, which is great because we are too. In fact, we make two pretty awesome tools for Angular that you absolutely need to know about.

Kendo UI is a set of modular web widgets you can use to enhance your apps—think calendars, grids, charts, and such. Here’s why you should care: we wrote all Kendo UI widgets as Angular components from the ground up. That means all those things you love about Angular—the built-in TypeScript support, the power of working from the Angular CLI, the AoT-based optimization—all those things just work with Kendo UI’s controls. Cool, right?

But we’re just getting started. Our second tool is NativeScript, a free and open source framework for building native iOS and Android apps. If you’ve ever tried to build native apps with Xcode and/or Android Studio and regretted your life choices, NativeScript might be for you. With NativeScript you can build performant native apps with skills you already have—namely, Angular!

So yeah, we’re Progress. Find us and come chat about Kendo UI and NativeScript.

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CNC milling machines are the heart of the manufacturing industry. Few people have ever seen or heard of them, and yet they produce more than $100Bn worth of components every year, serving every manufacturing vertical.

CloudNC uses various cutting edge software technologies including Angular to drag the dated manufacturing industry forward with the use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge algorithms. We leverage modern browser technologies including WebGL, webworkers and websockets to deliver a modern and interactive interface to the powerful cloud-based core of the system. In the UI we're tackling complicated problems such as virtual simulation of milling machines, webworker based CNC language parsing, modelling & configuration of the myriad of tools that machines can use.

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Oasis Digital

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Oasis Digital develops custom enterprise software for customers worldwide, Our team has extensive experience creating high-quality solutions for hard problems using current technologies and strategies.


We designed Angular Boot Camp to prepare individuals and teams to create enterprise applications. Hundreds of teams and thousands of students have benefitted from our expertise.


Most enterprise teams require more than just training. Our experts work with teams on their applications; reviewing code, architecture, and development tooling.


Oasis Digital works with organizations large and small to launch development projects. We have a purpose-built approach to rapidly develop a foundational, feature-rich code base for your great ideas. During this process we train development teams to carry the project to the finish line.


Oasis Digital builds full stack applications for the enterprise. You define it, we create it using Angular, React, Node, Java, and other technologies.

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Criteo Labs

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Be part of something big at Criteo, we connect 1.5 billion active shoppers with the things they need and love. Our technology takes an algorithmic approach to predict what user we show an ad to, when, and for what products. Our dataset is about 50 petabytes in Hadoop (more than 120 TB extra per day) and we take less than 10ms to respond to an ad request. This is truly big data and machine learning without the buzzwords.

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U2U organizes training for developers and IT professionals on JavaScript, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SQL Server and Windows Server. We deliver top quality courses by trainers who are experts in the technologies.

Popular courses at our training center are:

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Lisbon Nearshore

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